Fall in Love

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10 red roses and 3 stems pink oriental lilies complimented by a touch of green foliage in a glass vase. Whether you are celebrating a new found love or a marriage which has lasted over the years, experience the rush of romance with this one and fall in love all over again.

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Red Roses Pink Lilies Vase free delivery

When it is time to celebrate the love and passion ruling your life, is there a better gift than red roses pink lilies vase?  It creates an eye-catching bunch which is literally meant to sweep your dear one off her dainty feet. The array of colors speaks more than a dictionary of words to your loved one. Just fall in love with nature's best gift that is forever - Real Flowers. Stretch your hands to help someone with love and kindness and receive lot of blessings. Those who love give the best as that is his inner nature!


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