Smart Choice


AED : 210 AED : 195

  • Bouquet of mix flowers – Lilies, Roses, Chrysanthemum, Carnations (Pink, White, and Purple)
  • Free Delivery With Greetings Card

Beautiful, but very expensive special flowers bouquet can influence anyone with its attractive appearance. This bouquet with pink, white and purple flowers carries with it the message of affection in its purest form. It proves that what you say and do has an impact on others to a great extend! There is no need to seek external approval to feel great, but this gift can certainly boost confidence and energize.

Why is it a Special Flowers Bouquet?

Someone looking for a pretty gift for a woman may need a special flowers bouquet with light colors. So it is made for that specific purpose in light color theme but to appear bright and elegant. A suitable wrapping and ribbon bow will certainly make it more attractive. Care for others and you get the same back! Yes something special may not be very expensive but really suitable to her taste and choice.